About us

Persistent. Ambitious. Consistent

Our Philosophy

A successful

PAC Capital is a privately owned, independent asset manager based in Sydney, Australia. We manage two multi-asset investment products, two global equities funds, and a venture fund.

Our Values


History has shown a key ingredient of compounding wealth over time is persisting with a long-term investment strategy. However, this is especially difficult as financial markets can be incredibly volatile in the short term. We believe long-term investing requires a focus on economic and business fundamentals, and to associate price volatility with investment opportunity rather than risk.

Our Values


We set ambitious goals for our clients and ourselves. To achieve these goals, we leverage our ‘investment psychology,’ that is: a willingness to learn from our past, and an obsession with financial markets. We believe this combination of self-improvement, humility and passion are essential for success.

Our Values


Our investment approach is also defined by consistently applying several reliable principles, such as (i) economic and business fundamentals drive long-term investment performance; (ii) investing with a sufficient margin of safety protects a portfolio from unforeseen risks; and (iii) a portfolio should comprise of a concentrated selection of our best ideas.

Our Value Proposition

We focus on Performance

Our investment objective is the long-term growth of your capital. The following characteristics allows us to create value for our clients:



We manage multi-asset funds, as well as listed and private global equity funds. This uniquely allows the investment team to derive and formulate their investment decisions from a wide range of perspectives.



Our investment professionals are personally invested alongside their clients. We view our funds from the perspective of both business owners and investment managers.



Our investment professionals draw on over 25 years of collective experience to guide our decisions.


Long-term Focused

Financial markets are often unpredictable voting machines in the short term. We prefer to focus on long-term thematic / structural shifts, where we believe fundamentals are ultimately reflected in stock prices.



Regular and transparent communication ensures our funds are the most appropriate investment options to meet our clients’ needs.