About Us

Our Wealth Management


We believe successful wealth management is the result of collaborative relationships with clients. We see success as investment outperformance, but also the ability to create investment portfolios which achieve clients’ goals.

What Makes Us


Before we give advice, we look holistically at our clients’ lives and aspirations and take time to understand their financial objectives. Our clients typically invest with us for the long term, so our outlook and investment horizon reflect that. At the same time, we are flexible enough move quickly when market conditions change.

Our investment funds and bespoke portfolios have a track record of producing strong absolute returns and consistently outperforming benchmarks, and our platform and brokerage fees are among the lowest in the market.

We manage risk very carefully. We believe capital loss, rather than short-term market fluctuations, is the biggest risk of all, so managing downside risk, without compromising upside potential, is central to long-term performance.




History tells us that staying invested for the long term, through different market cycles, is the best way to grow wealth over time. The flexibility to make changes in line with changing conditions is essential, but at the same time, knee-jerk reactions to market corrections, can result in decisions which potentially undermine long-term performance. That’s why persistence, staying the course and sticking to fundamentals is key – because time in the market is always better than trying to time the market.


We are ambitious for our clients – we want them to achieve their financial goals – and that makes us ambitious for ourselves. We have high expectations of our own performance – and this informs everything we do, from research to our decision-making process and the way we communicate with clients.


Consistency goes hand in hand with persistence. We are consistently and actively focused on our clients’ goals, regardless of market conditions, because we know that this is the key to growing our clients’ wealth over time.



We work with select financial advice firms and their clients and with our partner advice firm, Pursuit Planning. These clients typically invest in one or more of our investment portfolios.

We also work with individual clients and families looking for an investment partner who will take a holistic view of their current financial position, and create a tailored investment strategy to achieve their goals now, but which retains the flexibility to evolve over time in line with changing objectives and life events.