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Our name (PAC) is an acronym for Persistence, Ambition, and Consistency; which are three key qualities that define our approach to investing and, more generally, business.

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Our Investment Philosophy

We aim to protect investors against impairment of capital without compromising upside potential to earn satisfactory investment returns over the long term. This is achieved by building our funds upon the following key pillars that we believe are absolutely essential for success:



Our money is invested within PAC Capital funds. Every decision we make for our clients is made equally for ourselves.



We use a fundamental approach to investing. We believe that, as discretionary investors in an especially competitive environment, we should only invest in our best ideas where we have a differentiated view. Because the future can be quite unpredictable, we also try to maintain a sufficient margin of safety to protect our capital.



Our streamlined decision-making process allows us to invest in an efficient and timely manner.



Following the 80-20 rule, we firmly believe most of a fund’s investment performance is earned by investing in a handful of uncorrelated securities. Accordingly, our funds include investments with complimentary return profiles.


Low Cost

We believe that a dollar saved is a dollar earned; so, we strive to reduce costs where possible.



We pride ourselves in ensuring all aspects of PAC Capital are easy to navigate and understand, so clients can make informed and appropriate investment decisions.



Sufficient liquidity enables opportunistic decision making, protects us from forced liquidations during market corrections and allows us to service the cash flow needs of our investors.

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Chief Investment Officer - Clayton Larcombe and Mark Bouris chatting through next level investing and the rise of Esports.

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