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P.A.C. Capital is a privately owned, independent investment manager offering a service based on independence, transparency and care. We manage high-performing funds for clients of select financial advice firms. We also create tailored investment portfolios for individual clients, based on their financial objectives and lifestyle goals.

Our ambition is to give investors better outcomes and a better experience – one that treats them as individuals and grows their wealth over the long term. Our personalised approach provides our clients with strong investment returns but more importantly they know we understand their risk appetite, investment goals and who they are as people.

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Our investment philosophy is benchmark aware, but we are not limited by it. We take a flexible approach, allowing us to stray from the benchmark when we believe it’s necessary – and when it will benefit our clients. We will go underweight or overweight in an asset class or security if the outlook for that particular investment worsens or improves respectively. This strategy has enabled us to generate strong returns over and above the benchmark, while preserving the benefits of a well-diversified portfolio.


“The ability to explain our investment strategies simply, and without jargon, is something we take really seriously. If we can’t explain to our clients how we have invested their money and why, in a way which resonates with them, then we’ve failed. We give our clients as much, or as little detail about their investments as they want – whether that’s a discussion of macro-economic trends or market movements and individual underlying stocks – we try to be as open, transparent and responsive as possible.”

– Clayton Larcombe



We currently offer a number of managed funds; our core funds are diversified and built based on risk profile, but we also offer funds with a focus on certain asset classes.


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Many of our clients have a growth agenda; they partner with us because they want to see their investments outperform industry benchmarks. But they also want to know that their savings and investments are in good hands. At P.A.C Capital, we take a relationship-first approach to investment management.

We’re a boutique investment manager which means we can give all our clients bespoke service. We take the time to get to know your individual needs, aspirations and risk appetite. And whether you go with one of our managed funds or a tailored portfolio, you can be sure they will get the same level of care.

We pick our clients carefully and enter into partnerships with a long-term view, because wealth is grown over time.


“I wanted to get away from the big super funds that set and forget your investment, and I wanted to have more of a personal relationship with the person who was looking after my super. I chose P.A.C. Capital because I wanted someone with passion and understanding of investment as well as a proven track record. What I really value with P.A.C. Capital, apart from the great performance, is the accessibility. I can ring him up and ask about my portfolio or markets in general, and they’ll talk me through it.”

– Corsino Solares, Co-Owner Jugar Eat Play & Drink