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Don’t miss our interview with Sky News Business discussing Australia’s first global active Esports fund, the PAC Global Esports Fund!

Gaming and Esports is no longer just a hobby, it is a profession. And the stakes for these professionals continues to grow, with Dota 2 player Johan Sundstein winning over $9 m in prize money over his nine year professional career. Its not just the prize money of these gamers that is impressive, Australian gamer and Youtube content creator Jarrod Nance boasts about 377,000 subscribers. To compare, Nick Kygrios has just over 400,000 twitter subscribers.

Its safe to say that gaming has entered the mainstream. Gone are the days of the geeky gamer archetype, these days gamers are the new sports stars. Someone who knows this more than anyone is Grace Watkins, whose talent agency Click Management, has a talent book of almost 30 gamers who reach almost 1 billion eyeballs every month across their roster.

All this is translating into serious financial opportunities for gaming providers and associated services. Esports alone, is forecast to generate US$1.4 billion in revenue and reach a live audience over 700 million in 2021. While the broader gaming industry is forecast to generated revenues north of US$160 billion.

P.A.C. Capital is at the forefront of this trend, having recently launched Australia’s first active Esports fund, the ‘PAC Global Esports fund.’ Being active means we can navigate the sector in a more nuanced way than some of our passive competitors who typically prioritise securities based on market capitalisation. We can long or short some of the larger names depending on our conviction and take positions in some of the smaller players that have exceptional growth potential, but which would be excluded in a passive market cap weighted fund.

PAC Capital Company Newsletter – November 2021

▶ Multi-Asset – Macro Wrap – George Smyrnis
▶ Hedge Fund – The Future of Energy – Will Sanderson
▶ Private – Talon Esports – Clayton Larcombe


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PAC Capital Company Newsletter – October 2021

▶ Multi-Asset – Macro Wrap – George Smyrnis
▶ Hedge Fund – Play to Earn – SKLZ.NYSE – Zac Collie
▶ Private – Picklebet, M&A – Clayton Larcombe


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PAC Capital Company Newsletter – September 2021

In this issue:
– PAC’s Macro Wrap on key developments in global financial markets and how we’re positioned to respond.
– The PAC Global Innovation Fund is Live!
– A message from the Managing Director, Clayton Larcombe.


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Bigger than movies and music combined!

Listen to Managing Director Clayton Larcombe speak to Brooke Corte from 2GB about the ‘eye watering’ size of the Gaming and Esports industry.

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Are sports and Esports overlapping and becoming one industry?

PAC Global Esports Fund adds Skillz Inc.Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc. and Guillemot Corporation ahead of reporting numbers.

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Is this the biggest growth opportunity in the world today?

P.A.C. Capital’s interview by Patrick Poke, Senior Editor at LiveWire Markets.

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Gaming Is A Huge Opportunity For Brands, But The Marketing Infrastructure Needs To Mature

Brands also need to recognise that gaming interest behaviour extends far beyond just the act of playing.

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Making sense of recent technology and growth share price movements

Portfolio Manger Marc Lederman discusses recent bond market volatility and what this means for lofty tech stock valuations.


Clayton Larcombe and William Canty discuss the P.A.C GLOBAL Esports Fund

William Canty, CEO of Boardroom.Media speaks to Clayton Larcombe, Managing Director of P.A.C. Capital about his active Esports fund.

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Clayton Larcombe discusses online wagering in the United States

As online wagering regulation begins to relax state by state in the worlds largest economy, companies are scrambling to capture market share.

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A Capital Idea: ASX Roundtable

This roundtable explores the debate around emergency relief provisions that prompted a wave of capital raisings by ASX listed companies


China’s fine whine, iron ore’s fine line

Clayton Larcombe says China’s gravity makes picking the right orbiting body possible. Apps village makes advertising on platforms like TikTok entirely doable.

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CIO & MD Clayton Larcombe’s Top Picks: TLS, SMX and HACK

Clayton Larcombe shares some insight to P.A.C. Capital’s great numbers in the past 12 months with ‘the pulse’ on auzbis.

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Clayton Larcombe discusses recent PickleBet capital raise

Clayton Larcombe talks about his interest in the e-sports sector and why P.A.C. Capital took a direct stake in gaming company PickleBet

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