Lawrence Burns Baillie Gifford

Built Sydney 1880. Lbd 72.four x 19.5 x 5.6 ft. Abandoned beyond restore, 1908.

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This restricted vessels to smaller construction suitable for inland waters and short coastal distances. Several vessels, requisitioned or not, had been subsequently sunk or damaged by mines off the NSW southern coast. Follow updates right here. Their view was shared by more than half their friends. The share value tumbled 66 per cent in that five-month period. Once price $29.29 in December 2014, the inventory fell 7.three per cent on Thursday to $3.70, giving the corporate a market worth of about $1.4 billion. “The massive shock, clearly, was that this was an event that occurred at a high performer.”


Lbd 76 x 17 x three.5. Abandoned beyond repaid, 1908. Iron paddle steamer, 201 tons.

Wrecked Cleveland Bay, Queensland, April 1865. Cutter, 5 tons. Run ashore on north coast, NSW, when in danger of foundering, 7 April 1865. Crew of four reached security. Iron, three-masted schooner, 275 tons. See Kate Tatham.

In 1869 and renamed Ebro, then offered to Spanish pursuits and renamed Baldomera Inglesais. Queen of Nations. Wooden barque, 878 tons.

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On 27 January 1884, a schooner of this name went ashore at the entrance to the Manning River, NSW. Paddle steamer, 27 tons. Started a plank off Broken Bay, NSW, and deserted, 3 April 1883. Wooden ketch, 40 tons. Built Tasmania; reg. Wrecked 15 nm south of Smoky Cape, NSW, 11 September, 1929. The maritime historical past of New South Wales is a captivating topic.

Left Sydney for Rockhampton however did not arrive, January 1865. She carried 24 passengers and crew. In 1896, concerned in salvage operation on the steamer Catterthun, lost off Seal Rocks, NSW, eight August 1895. Sir William Wallace. @ Wrecksite ‘officially’ situated in 1984 , in forty five metres, a number of miles off Yagon Gibber Headland. At 410 ft, there is lots of the ship to see, sections rising some thirty ft from the seabed.


Steam tug, 88 tons. Wrecked in a gale near Morna Point, NSW, 1898. See also SS Merksworth, misplaced in the same gale. On 19 June 1893, rammed and sank the schooner Guiding Star off Redhead, NSW. The grasp and mate of the steamer had been blamed for the incident. Wood steamship, 195 tons. Built Manning River, NSW, 1902.

All except the captain, who was lost trying to swim to shore, had been rescued by the ketch prince Alfred. They have been later arrested. Steel steamship, 960 tons. Built Port Glaasgow, 1925 for N.C.S.N. Co.

Cutter, 15 tons. Driven ashore near Reid’s Mistake, northern headland to the doorway of Lake Macquarie, NSW, throughout a gale, 5 June 1831. Lost with all palms. J.G.Coleson. Wooden schooner, 70 tons. Lost on the Shoalhaven River entrance, NSW, 20 June 1867. Cutter, fifty six tons.

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Steel motor vessel, 751 tons. Built Port Glasgow, 1937 for N.C.S.N. Co. Lbd 173 x 35.6 x 9.1 ft. Several owners and names .

Lbd 179 x 28.2 x 11.4 ft. Hulked in 1931; mendacity as a breakwater on Moreton island, off Tagalooma.

Water Lily. Wooden stern wheel paddle steamer, 96 tons.

Some of the flour was salvaged however later stolen. Lydia M.Childs. Liberty ship, screw steamer, 7176 tons.

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Out of Sydney for Calcutta, was wrecked on the New Guinea coast, 1806. Star of Australia. Steamer, 231 tons.

  • On 19 June 1893, rammed and sank the schooner Guiding Star off Redhead, NSW. The grasp and mate of the steamer have been blamed for the incident.
  • Once price $29.29 in December 2014, the stock fell 7.three per cent on Thursday to $3.70, giving the corporate a market value of about $1.4 billion.
  • Built Blackwall, UK, 1862.
  • Wooden barque, 878 tons.
  • Lost of Cape Three Points, north of Broken Bay, NSW, 10 September 1876.
  • Built 1877.

On 27 September 1808, left Sydney in company with 16 ton sloop Charlotte and saw her capsize with the lack of the 2 crew off Long Reef. Helen Malcolm. Barque, 311 tons. Rammed by the steamer Bowen, Broken Bay, NSW, October 1873. Fate of vessels not recorded. Wooden sloop, about 10 tons.

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Saw extensive service as a mine sweeper in WW2. Sold to China interests 1946, but scrapped in Sydney.

Built at Kincumber, 1901. Lbd 118.5 x 25.four x 7.four ft.

Iron screw steamer, barque rigged, 699 tons. Owned by P. & O. Paddle steamer, iron, 178 tons. Built at Sydney, 1882. Lbd 111.three x 19.3 x 7.6 ft. Abandoned on the banks of the Clarence River between Harwood and Yamba, NSW.

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