P.A.C. CAPITAL’s Key Personnel

Clayton Larcombe

Head of Investments – Responsible Manager
Head of Investments (HOI) role is to review all investment decisions and portfolio allocations. Clayton specialises in Macro global asset allocations and reviews positions and metrics around the Funds.

This includes all specific metrics that portfolio managers review, such as Sharpe Ratio, Beta, correlations.


Chief Investment officer

CIO’s roles is to review the specific investments and focus on the micro analysis. While the HOI specialises in the macro approach to portfolios, CIO specialises in fund manager and stock specific analysis to determine if this best fits into the PAC Portfolios. The screening process that CIO undertakes is extensive, such as ROE, EPS, Net Debt/Equity etc.

Erica Kochuyt

Client Service officer
Client service officer (CSO) role is an essential part of the PAC team. Erica helps coordinate with clients and staff to ensure the client experience is unique and all client and administrative services are completed for PAC.

Chief Financial Officer

Chief Financial Office (CFO) role is to monitor the financial transactions and services operation of PAC Capital.

The CFO has a specific experience and specialising in Asset Backed Securities (ABS), which form the PAC Real Fixed Income fund.

Legal and Compliance

Legal and Compliance have the responsibility to ensure PIVOT Wealth Management (PWM) comply with all AFSL responsibilities.
They monitor positions and ensure we align with Fund allocations and restrictions as outlined in the PDS for each fund.

Human Resources

HR manages staff and investor relations. HR ensures staff and potential staff obtain a smooth transfer of clients and relationships.


Distribution is an important role and responsibility. The main focus is the Financial planning industry and proving the FP with all the resources needed to add PAC to their allocations and part of their process.

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