What is video gaming and Esports?

The video gaming industry consists of developers, publishers, hardware producers, distributors and consumers of video gaming and related products and services. The Esports industry is a subset of the broader video gaming industry value chain. Esports has taken off in the past few years, and like a number of other digital sectors, has been a beneficiary from the “great acceleration” in digital trends induced by the Covid-19 pandemic. Esports includes professional teams, tournaments, wagering, spectatorship and sponsorship in and around competitive gaming.

P.A.C. Capital Global Esports Fund

The Structural transition of gaming into both a social and competitive activity, is creating numerous opportunities for investors within the Gaming and Esports space. Currently on market there are numerous passive Esports investment offerings. The P.A.C. Capital Esports fund is an Australian first, and one of few globally, offering active global equity exposure to the gaming and Esports thematic.

The fund leverages sector opportunities by investing in the best opportunities (long and short) in gaming and Esports companies.

Investment and performance


The P.A.C. Capital Global Esports Fund aims to achieve moderate levels of capital growth as well as income returns.

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