[FULL VIDEO] September PAC POD - Bringing innovation to multi asset portfolios: The PAC Way

October 6, 2022

The PAC investment team is back again for another POD chat. This month, we dive into PAC's own multi assets process - SAA/DAA strategy, PAC Risk Signal, selection of investment vehicle, and macro impact on multi assets in general.

Highlight stamps

PAC MA Process

Philosophy – 2’05’’

Asset allocation strategy overview – 5’00’’

PAC’s SAA model – 6’09’’

Active Asset Allocation/ PAC Risk Signal model– 13’36’’

Investment Vehicle Selection model – 18’51’’

Selection of fund managers – 20’30’’

PAC’s Building Block approach of constructing porfolios – 23’11’’

PAC’s View on being different in a risk-controlled way - 28’03’’

Innovative Investing

PAC’s innovative approach to fund management/ PAC’s venture fund- 30’51’’


Q&A: what areas of investment are we most excited about – 44’27’’

Q&A: PAC’s return against peers – 49’00’’


PAC’s Outlook and macro – 54’00’’

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