[FULL VIDEO] October PAC Pod: Investing in Metaverse

This month, we take you through an introduction to Metaverse - what it is, why it excites so many people, and the exciting technological evolvement that is happening on the frontline of Metaverse.

We had two special guests join us from both East and West Coasts of the US. Dialling in from San Francisco, Edward Saatchi is the founder of The Simulation. He has a vision of populating Metaverse with AI characters that are capable of living their own drama and romance. Side note - this vision has won him two Emmy Awards already.

Carlos Pereira, calling from NYC, is a Partner at gaming tech VC BITKRAFT Ventures. Carlos speaks about the exciting VR/AR/XR companies that they invest in, and the revenue markups they have seen in their early-stage investment.

00:18 Intro

04:59 Interview with Edward Saatchi, Founder, The Simulation

25:40 Team discussion - AI in Metaverse

30:10 Interview with Carlos Pereira, Partner, BITKRAFT Ventures

45:16 Team discussion - Invest in the forefront of Metaverse technology

48:30 Team discussion - PAC Private 1 venture fund and access to investment

49:23 Team discussion - what to look for in early-stage companies

52:30 Team discussion - how PAC gets involved with private venture investments

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