P.A.C.’s Investment Committee

P.A.C. CAPITAL’s Investment Philosophy

P.A.C.’s Investment Committee

P.A.C.’s Investment Committee engages a privately owned, external asset consultant along with P.A.C.’s partners to review the economic environment and global investment markets so that proactive and timely decisions can be made on behalf of our clients.

The Investment Committee meets quarterly to discuss the portfolio construction of our core global multi asset class portfolios and ensures each portfolio is in line with clients risk profiles and risk is managed appropriately given changing macro global conditions.

Over 12 Year’s experience in financial markets, Clayton provides expert advice on client’s portfolios, investments, trading ideas and asset allocation.

  • With 12 years’ experience in financial markets, Clayton provides expert advice on clients’ portfolios, investments, trading ideas and asset allocation.
  • Clayton began his career on the institutional trading desks of Morgan Stanley in Sydney and Hong Kong, this built the foundations for Clayton success in leadership and understanding market mechanics.
  • Clayton later became Vice President of JP Morgan, where he managed the team and the ASEAN regions of South East Asia.
  • Clayton moved back to Australia in 2012 to pursue his passion for working with private clients with Ord Minnett and Koda Capital.
  • The core strategy behind Clayton’s success as a fund manager is his ability to target and limit risk in a client’s portfolio and being proactive not reactive to global macro events and conditions.
  • An in-depth knowledge and trust between Clayton and his clients enables Clayton to gain an understanding of the client’s total overall wealth position.
  • This provides Clayton with the tools he needs to achieve growth and performance while limiting risk and over exposure to a particular asset class.
  • Clayton also received Scholarships to the Scots College in Sydney as well as the University of Sydney for Academic and Sporting achievements.
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